Saturday, June 12, 2010

Viña Ilusion - Deep Red Organic Wine that is Fortunately not an Illusion

I will admit that the beautiful label is why this wine caught my eye. Viña Ilusion, viticultura ecologica, sits on twelve acres of land that has been tended to since 1992 with an eclectic mix of philosophies based on the works of Masanobu Fukuoka, author of the One Straw Revolution and proponent of what he referred to as Natural Farming, Permaculture with similarities to Fukuoka's ideas based on working within natural ecosystems, and Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic farming.

The vineyard, set amidst olive, almond and oak trees on the slopes of Mount Isasa in La Rioja region of Spain, is both certified organic by the La Rioja organic certification association and the wine carries the Rioja Denomination of Origen. In addition to their environmental and natural farming practices, Viña Ilusion has solar electric panels and passive solar heating in keeping with their commitment to earth stewardship.

This organic wine has a deep currant flavor and costs under 7 euros. It is available around Spain - I found my bottle at L'Hortet in the Russafa neighborhood of Valencia.

Viña Ilusion, M.A. Alonso Etayo, 26584 Navarrsotillo; Tel:  941 742 082 and 619 943 798; Email:

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  1. I love this wine. I discovered it in Richmond, Virginia at the Ellwood Thompson natural foods store, which has a great wine collection. I have bought two cases so far and will continue to buy them every month! Bravo!